Southside Sprint

With a rainy start to the Cat 4/5 race, there was question if this day was going to a grueling or really awesome. With the weather clearing out, sunshine and cooler temps it became a really awesome day. With Top 20 finishes in both the Cat 4/5 and Cat 3/4 race, by Aaron Collins and Brian Kozicki it was a strong day for Top Natchez Racing. We really want to thank the guys/gals that put together the Southside Sprint as it really is one of the premier crit races that we get to do, and sets the bar high for others. Thanks again!!!

Race Summary from Aaron Collins (Cat 4/5)

I was looking forward to capturing another 1st at the Southside Sprint. Unfortunately it has been a tough month for me to get out and ride, with a car that blew up, a wedding and a wicked storm going through the neighborhood I haven’t had much time to train. I was pleased when I saw that there was 5 laps to go and I was still with the group and hadn’t exploded yet. When I saw 2 laps to go I knew that I had to make a move now or never. I hit the hill as hard as I could and try and hold out in the front for as long as I could. When I hit the hill on the final lap, my heart rate went through the roof and I just ran out of steam. I was able to stay on the group and give it my all for the final sprint. 20th place is not bad when you really haven’t ridden for a month, but disappointing when you know that if you had you might have gotten Top 10, or even Top 3. Always next time…..

Race Video from the Cat 4/5 Race


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