Wirth CX Recap

Top Natchez scores a Top 10 finish in Men’s cat 3/4 by Brian Kozicki along with a strong showing by Bill Dick with a 23rd place finish. Aaron Collins rounded out the Top Natchez team with a 44th place, and although still a ways from a podium is a marked improvement over previous races.

Theo Wirth Recap By Brian Kozicki

Great day of racing with awesome weather. After preriding the night before I was concerned with the difficulty / safety of the course. I was afraid of the water drainage ruts on the downhill and uphill but they were filled in better and more predictable. The stairs were hard as ever but the several training runs up them helped. Also it was really nice to race on the freshly cut MORC trails. So thankful to have so many nice trails in town. The course was spectacular in every regard and was a nicely ran event. Thank you for all of your efforts for putting on a killer event. Ended up racing the first race of the day (Masters 35+ 3/4) which ran along with the 3/4. Didn’t get enough I guess so I also did the 35+ open race later in the day. My back is shot and have some sore joints but well worth it. Much thanks to SKinnyski as well for always representing what’s great with the outdoors and our community.


Onboard Footage from Aaron Collins(Cat 3/4 Race)

Action Shots by SkinnySki


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