All Set for MN State CX Championship

Got out for a quick preride this afternoon.  The course was in good shape.  Fun and tough.  It is a little different from the last few years but still takes in to account the aspects that make this a tough venue….stair runup, sand pit, & some power sections.   Since the high temp will be 0ºF I think this figured in to the design.  Most of the course is plowed besides for the sandpit.  Leading up to the stairs is different by approaching from the other side.  Its a fairly difficult climb to ride that leaves you gassed going into the stairs.  Little sketch here and there as there are sections with straight up ice so keep it nice and smooth.  Hoping for a good turn out as TNR is looking to defend in the Clydesdale (200 lb.) division.

In the age group races on Sunday, conditions will be challenging as well with a warmer temp of 13º and up to 4″ of fresh snow.  Oh yeah!


One response

  1. Looks like great winter torture racing. Gonna join you in the Clydesdale race Saturday.

    December 6, 2013 at 8:08 pm

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