State Fair Affair – Part Deux

After watching some great racing at the North Star Grand Prix and being insprired, Top Natchez Racing’s Aaron Collins took to the streets of the state fairgrounds for week two of the Category 6 Racing Squad’s State Fair Affair-Curse of the Spandex Hex.

A quick race summary from AC

My goal for this race was to score some free beer on the Ninja Primes. I rolled the dice to see if they would throw one out in the first few laps. Unfortunately that plan was foiled by another fast rider who would just launch down the start-finish and I couldn’t hang. Decided to just drop back into the pack and roll around to see what was left in my legs. Was feeling strong but made the mistake of not attacking hard on the last lap on the back straight, got stuck behind a slowing rider and that was it. I just come to this race with one goal, to earn a beer…but to no avail.


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