State Fair Affair – The Finale

The final race of the State Fair Affair’s three race series was again a sunny and rain free event in an otherwise soggy spring/summer in Minnesota. Rider Aaron Collins again took to the course to test his skills in the Men’s Cat4/5 race. Aaron’s race summary and video from the race can be found below

Having picked up a cold over the weekend I was not sure how I felt, the ride over I felt generally weak, but by the time I was on the starting line I didn’t feel as tired. A massive pileup that I narrowly avoided reminded me that I would rather finish this race in one piece. I tested my legs in a couple of the sprints to see how I felt, and they in general felt good. I wasn’t aggressive enough in the last lap and just couldn’t get up to the leaders without doing that. Finished 15th and just a few seconds of the leaders(again!). Such a great series and well run, can’t say enough great things about the Cat 6 dudes and they race they put on!


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