AC Podiums at the Southside Sprint


Not a better way to end the Crit racing than for TNR rider Aaron Collins to podium at the Southside Sprint in Minneapolis. Aaron put in the extra effort into the Cat 4/5 race, as it’s literally the only crit that he can ride to in under 3 minutes(not that it helps the warm-up!). Aaron’s thoughts and video can be found below.

Really wanted to win this one, its by far my favorite crit, and it being in my back yard means even more. That didn’t quite happen today as I got taken right at the line. Great work by those guys closing down at the line like that! Either way great way to close out the road season for me as I will be out of town for the State Championship Road Race this year. Time to start training for ‘cross.

Huge thanks to the team that puts on the Southside Sprint, can’t say enough good things about the race. Also loved the extended patio seating on the main straight!


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