Hopkins Crit – Crushin’ some raspberries

TNR rider Aaron Collins again took to the road in the Hopkins Raspberry Festival Crit race on Sunday, July 13th. Racing again in the Cat 4/5 race, Aaron finished just off the podium with a 6th place finish and his best of the year finish. Aaron’s race summary is below, as well as video from the race.

I debated racing either the Cat 3/4 or the Cat 4/5 race. I decided to just to race the 4/5 race as it was earlier in the day and I could still be somewhat productive in the afternoon. I again try to get off the start as fast as I can as its good training for cyclocross, and avoids the craziness that is the first few laps of a Cat 4/5 race. I was feeling pretty strong, but wasn’t sure where I stood. Decided to sit in the pack for a bit and score some Primes and see what happens. First prime I somehow missed as I didn’t hear the bell, the second one I heard and decided to go for it. Put down 100% power and was able to pull a gap pretty quickly so I new there was some strength in my legs…but I burned a few matches to do that. Last lap I had recovered enough to give it a go again. I didn’t want to jam myself up the inside to make some passes so I sat behind the U of W rider, and then decided to go all out on the last straight sprint. Made up quite a bit of time but if I had been more aggressive on that last lap I could have been on the podium. Its a fine line, and in the end of the day I would rather ride home.

Big thanks to Flat City Cycling(http://www.flatcity.org/) as they put on a great event!


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